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Ghanaian Adventists in Europe end Camp Meeting

Story: Nana Sifa Twum / Isaac Amo-Kyereme,
De Bron - The Netherlands.

The President of the world body of Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Pastor Jan Paulsen has urged Ghanaians all over the world to put their trust in God as Ghanaians continue to build their nation.

He said he has keenly followed the progress made in socioeconomic development of Ghana, and expressed the optimism that with God on the side of the people of Ghana. He will see them through their frantic efforts in trying to raise their living standards.

Pastor Paulsen was addressing the 13th Annual Ghanaian- Euro Seventh-day Adventists Camp-meeting in De Bron in the Netherlands. The annual campmeeting is used by the members to evaluate their activities over the year, and adopt new strategies to ensure spiritual, and socio-economic development of individual members and the church as a whole.

For instance, members adopted at the meeting that a new staff quarters be constructed at the Church's University in Accra (Valley View University). To date, Ghanaian Seventh-day Adventists residing in Europe have spent over one hundred and fifty thousand US dollars (US $ 150,000.00) to build four of such facilities to help ease accommodation challenges facing the nation's premier private university. This year's meeting which was under the theme, "Pilgrims - Grow In Christ" was attended by members from the UK, Austria, Germany, Spain , France, Switzerland and Belgium.

Pastor Paulsen who worked in Ghana 45 years ago as a Bible Teacher at the SDA Training College at Bekwai in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, recounted very fond memories of life in Ghana and said God purposely sent the Paulsen family to Ghana so they could experience the generous Ghanaian hospitality and also learn to have hope like the Ghanaian. "Ghanaians like all people of God are a people of hope and of vision" He said.

He said true Christians, should accept the fact that they are all pilgrims on this earth. And because a pilgrim knows he does not belong to this world, their vision and hope should be focused on the coming of the Lord.

"It is this hope and trust in the Lord that has kept your nation together. And it is this same hope that has brought you all from all parts of Europe to rekindle your faith in the Lord.

The World Leader of the Adventists Church noted that while he was in Ghana as a Missionary, he learnt a lot from the local people and said such the rich culture and rich traditions of the people had propelled him to the heights he finds himself today.

"Your humility, understanding and tolerance for each other were superb those days and I believe this generation of Ghanaians is continuing with them. I believe, that is why today God has brought you here to strengthen our faith and commitment to the Lord." He observed.

He asked the congregation to reach out to the world with the message of hope from God. Do not relent as you face difficulties in doing the will of God in today's Godless world.

Pastor Paulson advised the members to work hard in the most diligent and honest manner to help build pious and prosperous families and a better country.

He asked them to be more dedicated and devoted to their calling and help inspire and encourage as well as assist others who need their assistance, adding that many people in the world today face huge and diverse problems and it is "those of you here, who have to help in alleviating their plight".

As pilgrims on your way to heaven use your character, sermons, music, and generous hospitality to lead others unto salvation. Pastor Paulsen concluded by saying "The world is a bridge, which wise men will pass over but not build on". The pilgrim to heaven knows the other side offers better opportunities. God Himself lives there".

The host Pastor of the Ghanaian Adventists Community church in the Netherlands Pastor Andrews Laurence Ewoo in a welcoming message reminded Christians and Seventh-day Adventists in particular to grow in Christ as they journey towards heaven.

"The serious pilgrim looks intently at the cross so he will not lose focus. Eschew evil, learn to forgive each other when wronged, be generous and open your heart for the Lord Jesus Christ to use you in His service." He said.


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