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Story: Isaac Amo-Kyereme

As part of the black history month, Black British Heritage, a Hammersmith based organisation led by Ken Martindale last week organised a symposium at the Royal Geographical Society premises. 

The symposium which was well attended by mostly persons of African and Caribbean descent had Nana Asante(Councillor)Harrow Council, Prince Justice (Author of Blackworld) Patrice Naiambana (Actor) Simi Adedeji (Magistrate & Historian) Dayo Richmond Johnson (Motivational Speaker) as speakers. 
Under the able chairmanship of Gbola Oba (Journalist) each speaker provoked the thoughts and consciences of the audience with important truths about the history of the Blackman from the post slavery Africa to the present day situation. With an equally knowledgeable audience participating throughout the sessions, a great awareness was created for all persons of African descent to get to know each other better. 

Speaker upon speaker reminded the audience that the history of the blackman did not start from the era of the slave trade. They recounted how great the African people were prior to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade period. Africa then was the centre of the universe. But when greed entered into the hearts of our people they allowed themselves to be tricked into selling their kith and kin to the Arab slave buyers as well as their European counter parts. Reference was made to some tribes and kings that resisted the slave trade. 

At the end of proceedings the forum came to the consensus that, there is the need for Africans, Black British, African Americans, African Brazilians, African Indians and all people of African descent and friends of Africa to forge ahead with the agenda of getting to know each other better with an aim of addressing the problems of our community. Black British Heritage works to raise the awareness of the whole community to the contributions made by Black people to Britain and British Society. It has a vision is to establish a centre where all members of the community can view images of the British Heritage of Black people and acquire information. It also aims to highlight the heritage accumulated by Black people over hundreds of Years through contact with Britain, and by working closely with schools and the whole community Black British Heritage also focuses on bringing a greater understanding about the bonded history of Britain and the Black community. 

Show how the careers of past and contemporary Black people are relevant as role models for young people today. 

The event was co-ordinated by kirskirine events, an events and child leisure management group.


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