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3000 voices to sing for African Children

FOR MANY years she graced the television screen as the lux girl. Patti was the first Nigerian ever to win the Lux beauty pageant. At the tender age of 16 she left Nigerian for the United Kingdom and ever since then her life has been a life of beauty and glamour. But she never forgot about her roots.

Patti Boulaye originally known as Patricia Ngosi Ebigwei has used her success as an actress, songstress, TV presenter etc to over the years assist unfortunate children in Nigeria.

Five years ago Patti visited Nigeria, she went to an abandoned babies home and was drawn to a one-year-old baby called Victor - he had fullblown AIDS. He was just one of the many abandoned HIV babies rescued but waiting to die.

Patti was told; "Victor was one of the lucky ones because in his village, when a baby is born with HIV, which is considered an evil spirit, to stop the spirit escaping and possessing members of the family the baby has to be buried alive." It broke Patti's heart.

Watching babies like Victor die but feeling powerless to do something as this disease raged on, feeding on ignorance and prejudices, led Patti to form Support for Africa.

Patti's objectives are aimed at preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and Malaria in the whole sub-Sahara Africa, firstly, with a campaign of building clinics all over Africa, and secondly, through education and awareness. These will provide education and some practical alleviation for those suffering from the disease and opportunistic ailments. The charity has no paid staff, yet in 5 years three clinics have been built in three States in Nigeria and the fourth is under construction in Cameroon.

If we can prevent one baby from buried alive because it is believed to be possessed by the evil spirit called HIV. If we can prevent one baby from being sexually attacked because it is believed that Sex with a baby would be a cure, then What are we waiting for. Support For Africa is presenting "Football Reaching Out For Africa" a real fun event with everyone, Footballers, Members of Parliament and the House of Lords, famous singers and personalities, famous authors, dancers, footballers wives and many more joining 3000 singers for one big party to save babies lives at the ROYAL ALBERT HALL on the 23rd September 2007.

The opening of each SFA centre is used to create massive publicity and open dialogue on HIV in each country. We believe that the key to reducing the spread of HIV in Africa lies with the men and since they regard Football as their second religion, Footballers who would lend their voice to our prevention cause would indeed be more effective in saving lives than any other campaign that has gone before. We believe football holds the key.

It is for this reason that FOOTBALL REACHING OUT FOR AFRICA (FROFA) at the Royal Albert Hall on 23rd September 2007 was devised. The producer of the show is Major Sir Michael J. Parker KCVO CBE who produces Ministry 0f Defence and Royal events.

Also, since HIV has increased among young people by 25% in Britain FROFA has encouraged over 2000 of them to join our 3000 Gospel Voices at the FROFA event during which they'll watch and listen to their Football heroes.

in this Me, Me, culture, it is vital that they read about the various charitable causes either run or supported by their heroes.

The Football Stars will be given a choice of introducing one of the performers on the Stage or/and sing as a group accompanied by the 3000 Voices in this exiting event mixing Gospel music, the Sports and the Arts.

For more information on how to join the choir or buy tickets visit www.royalalberthall.com or call Jo on 07989 573 684 or 01753 885 652 or visit www.frofachoir.co.uk


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