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Jah Blakks Mossiah
Uniting Africa and the Diaspora through Reggae

LYRICALLY he purges out the real words to liberate the minds of black brothers and sisters from that long soul slavery, spiritually his songs are the platforms for divine meditation. Jah Blakks Mossiah is a sacred reggae artist who's bridging that invisible gap between Africa and the Diaspora.

'Zion', his piercing single, relates those words that deal with pollution, temptation, disillusion, confusion, liberation and other translucent 'tions'.

Jah Blakks Mosiah chants his lines in a harmonic and authoritative form to evoke faith in the faithless. He is a singing Mosiah in the reggae temple. Working with sound engineers such as Ry Francis and Fatta Bulbeye, Jah Blakks Mosiah has recorded singles like 'Oh Jah Jah Answer My Prayer', 'Love Is Stronger Than Faith', 'She Don't Love Me No More' and 'Zion'. Preparing to release a thirteen-tracker debut album soonest, Jah Blakks Mosiah is captioning the project 'Red Hot In Babylon' and he leans on the label Suffer-For-Better.

Born Marvin Brown, Jah Blakks Mosiah spent most of his early years growing up in Cockburn Penn, St Andrew, Kingston, with his father, mother and eight brothers. The house where they lived was directly across the street from Tyrone Downie's home where Bob Marley and the Wailers would rehearse. Marvin spent a lot of time with Samura, Downie Tyrone's nephew. Marvin's interest in music was inevitable as he was frequently in the midst of entertainers. The Big Ship, the unfinished recording studio, was the legacy left by the wailers to the Cockburn Pen youths which became their playground daily. Marvin would visit the studio as often.

Jah Blakks who was initially called Berger Black first hit the limelight when he would play as a DJ on Soul Imperial Sound System at Bamboo Lawn Severight Garden. In 1989 Berger Black was invited to perform at Satta Massagana Show, at the time he was managed by Allied Arts Records, a management team based in up town Kingston. The team which comprised John Hunter, Kirk Matthew and others recorded Berger Black on the Pepperseed ridim "Boarderline" in 1994. In 1997, while working at Golding Printers East King Street, downtown Kingston, Mr Winston Golding was fond of this young talent and encouraged him to change his name from "Berger Black” to something else because it was only promoting another man thing (Berger Paints). And then Marvin changed the stage name to Jah Blakks Mosiah. Mr Golding, also an active promoter at the time, enlisted Jah Blakks on his promotions, alongside Merceless and George Nooks .As his reputation grew so did his repertoire.

Eventfully, in 1998, Jah Blakks Mosiah was offered a tour of the United Kingdom. The tour included other reggae performers such as Scare Dem Crew, Junior Reid and Junior Cat.

Over the past two years Jah Blakks has been concentrating on his debut album "Red Hot Ina Babylon".

Jah Blakks Mosiah's main mission is to close the gap between the motherland, Africa, and the Diaspora. He uses his guiding lyrics to appeal and redirect the stray brothers and sisters. And most importantly, Mosiah stresses on the realization of the mental freedom eluding the captives. These and lots more are some of the subjects preached in his songs.


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