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Complied by Cass Gilroy-Business Editor

Women in business have 'no regrets', according to Everywoman study

Almost 95% of women who start up in business said it had 'exceeded' or 'lived up to' their expectations, an everywoman study has revealed. The research, conducted by the business support, training and networking organisation, everywoman, found that 94.5% of women who were running their own business had 'no regrets' and said that it had 'exceeded' or 'lived up to' their expectations. 

The biggest challenge facing women business owners is winning clients and securing new business. While accessing or raising finance is often cited as a major barrier for women in business, 60% said it wasn't a primary concern. And when asked what they considered to be the key factors in being a successful business owner, 7 in 10 said 'self-belief' was the most important, while 1 in 3 said the ability to be a "grafter" was important. 

The study was launched at the everywoman national conference, which was also Women's Enterprise Day - held in central London. Speakers included Margaret Hodge, Minister of State, Department of Trade and Industry, who said she wanted to see the UK emulate the US in terms of the numbers of women business owners. 

She said that if the UK had the same proportion of women business owners as the US, there would be 700,000 more women-owned businesses in this country. She said that much was being done to achieve this goal with the launch of a national Women's Enterprise Task Force.


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