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Make A Visible Difference To Your Community

During the course of the next financial year, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) hopes to recruit 1500 more Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) to facilitate the roll out of Safer Neighbourhoods Teams across the capital. The teams consist of three police officers and three PCSOs dedicated to a local area.

On Friday 7th July and Saturday 8th July 2006 the MPS will be hosting open days at Avonmouth House, 6 Avonmouth Street, SE1 between 9am-4pm. The open days are aimed at encouraging more people to become PCSOs and there will be a number of police staff on hand to talk about their experiences in 
the role and working with their local communities. In addition, the Met  Careers Team will be in attendance to offer advice and guidance and to assist in the application process.

PCSOs play an integral role in the Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT), primarily to engage with Londoners to better understand their local  needs. They were first introduced to London in 2002 to provide the city with  an increased visible police presence and to reassure the public.

PCSO Kiran Cheema works on a SNT in Newham. She said:

"I consider myself to be a people person and didn't want to do a normal nine to five job. Being on a small team where you only deal with your ward is great; everyone gets to know you and comes to you with their  problems. Its very satisfying helping people out and making a personal difference in the

Being a PCSO carries a number of benefits such as a generous basic pay package and annual leave entitlement, free travel on London's buses and the possibility of flexible working hours. PCSO's receive a salary of up to 25,000 depending on location and shift disturbance allowance.

Chief Superintendent Steve Bloomfield, Head of the Safer Neighbourhoods Programme said:

"PCSOs contribute to policing in London by providing a visible and reassuring presence. They also play a vital role in Safer Neighbourhoods Teams where they work alongside Police Officers. The teams work with  the local community to identify and tackle local problems such as anti- social behaviour or graffiti."

Attendance at the PCSO event is by invitation only. To book a place please call 0870 067 3684 or for further information go to www.metpolicecareers.co.uk/pcso

How to get there:
The nearest stations are Elephant & Castle or Borough (tube) or 20 minutes walk from London Bridge (tube/BR).


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