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Mr Skillz Signs Up ‘Crazy Girls‘

NIGERIAN BORN JJC (aka Big Brovaz founding member and producer SKILLZ) is a multi-talented London-based producer who has produced for the likes of LibertyX, Jamelia, Lemar and Upper Street to name but a few.

Known for his charismatic stage persona and energetic live shows this multi-talented guy has established himself in the UK music industry quite successfully and has had his hands in a few pies.

As well as being a songwriter and rapper he is also a radio DJ (former BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter of the 'African Vibes' show), club DJ and on-line web host (showcasing African hip-hop on the BBC web site 'Africa On Your Street' ) and says his aim is to show the world that you can mix things up from all over the globe and make beautiful music that all kinds of people can enjoy.

He creates music that simply defies categories, and has created a new wave and path for most musicians from Nigeria to follow which can only be described as a unique fusion of hip-hop beats, African music, Naija pop and even salsa, whilst incorporating his lyrics in both Yoruba (his native Nigerian language) and English, which in itself crosses cultural barriers.

His group 419 Squad have gained international recognition and has received numerous awards.

To date Skillz is one of the most versatile and original artists to come out of the UK in a long time and with his recent signing of a new girl group called 'Crazy Girls' it looks like Skillz has many more tricks up his sleeve and with his successful track record lets hope the 'Crazy Girls' turn out to be a wise move for Skillz and not just a crazy idea….time will tell.

For more info visit www.jjc2uk.com


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