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Expensive Black, Nigerian hiphop artist in Wigan
By Muritala Bakare

Becoming a talented musician and competing in the world of musical lilt is a heat any unknown artist must be prepared to bear. With the surge in hip-hop and R ‘n’ B music colonizing the world from America to Britain, an upcoming artist will be brave enough to break that cycle of colorful state of music before getting known. This, ‘Expensive Black,’ is aware of and brandishing his musical onslaughts to reach that height. 

In the North West of England, ‘Expensive Black’ is probably the region’s most prolific new artist. With a flavour of hip-hop and r ‘n’ b and mix of Afro-selected lyrics, he is prepared to stand out of the crowd. 


“Standing out of the crowd is one thing but conveying the musical message and rhythm is another and both, I have prepared a ground for,” he said, smiling in his traditional rap attire. 

Original known as Osamudiamen Asemota, ‘Expensive Black’s,’ fifteen track album titled Freshen-up is a hit album already making waves in the Wigan Borough and Greater Manchester area. Tracks like Mama Care, DJ don’t stop the Jam, I’m back and Set the club on fire are tracks that shake up the stage. 

Osamudiamen who grew up with a Nigerian background has been singing since 15. Recording his first single with a disbanded group called The ‘Big Soul Crew,’ he remains the only artist among the group making waves. 

“It’s not actually been easy, going through turbulent times and hedging out life difficulties, I remain steadfast and keep to my heart what I know how to do best,’ he explain glaring confidently and adjusting his ‘bling’ wristwatch, typical of rap artists. With some of his tracks played in the local clubs, ‘Expensive Black,’ has also started winning the t.v slots. BEN and OBE channels on Sky t.v have started airing some of his tracks. “This is a positive note. It tells you who I am and from there I can gradually improve on my musical ‘Onslaught’,” he said. Improving on the ‘onslaughts’ as he describe it is now the biggest challenge he faces. Even though he has respect for great musician like Fela, Tupac and the Notorious BIG, all late, he reckons becoming himself is most important. “One needs be oneself to succeed and if one can succeed with that, then the rest shouldn’t be a worry,” he told me. 

His first Album will be officially released by December 29. “This gives me great joy. I feel like a super-star, signing autobiography and doing what great artists are doing. I am really proud to reach this height,” he said. 

You can visit his webpage at www.expensiveblack .co.uk


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