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2 Face Idibia’s ‘African Queen’ Becoming A Global Hit

FOR THOSE of you who haven't heard of him yet-2 Face Idibia is undoubtedly the hottest African pop sensation at the moment. With his wiry frame, good looks and hit song “African Queen,” from his 2004 album 'Face 2 Face' which has reportedly sold over 2 million copies, 2Face says the success of his single has come as a great surprise to him.

His single 'African Queen' has been made popular by its catchy lyrics and memorable rhythm and melody, which has made the single reach the top of the African pop charts – helped considerably by heavy airplay on MTV Base and MTV Africa.

Not only has this young and successful singer won an MTV- 'African Artist of The Year' award at the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon, he has also been busy touring around the globe promoting his single release and made his first visit to the UK and later to Brooklyn -New York back in March 2005.

The easy going and humble African pop star (formerly of the Plantasion Boyz) says his inspiration for the song came from his love for African women, “I wanted a song to celebrate their strength, show appreciation of how they support the African man. African women are very warm and they know how to take care of their family”

From the tender age of seven 2Face says he knew he could sing “I would sing in the house with my friends, sing in high school, but then it was just for fun." but then in 1997 I decided to go professional and do it full time….I and Blackface decided to form a group called the Plantasion Boyz. It was rough starting out , there was no money, no-one knew us, it was a hard struggle”.

Luckily they finally had their break when they met Kally Ikpe, a music promoter who invited them unto his show called 'Live Beats', where they featured on the show and did an interview with him.

To their surprise, the next day, Ikpe asked them to come to the studio and do a montage for the show and that was the first time people started noticing them.

What followed for the Plantasion Boyz was a feature on Tetuila's Omode Meta Shere' show, after which they then went on to release an album which became a success.

Since going solo, 2FaceÕs music career has been going from strength to strength, he now is the most successful artist in the African charts.

His single has even appeared on the soundtrack of one of America 's popular black films called 'Phat Girlz' starring Mo'nique from the 'Moesha' spin-off sitcom 'The Parkers' so it looks like even the Americans are loving 2Face, and everybody knows that once you're liked over in the States, global domination is not too far away.

Unfortunately for fans out there who want to get hold of his single or album they are not yet available outside of West Africa, so I suggest you ask your folks back home to buy you a copy! For more info visit www.idibia2face.com


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