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MyNollywood.com, New online dvd shop

A new website selling copies of complete Nigerian films is set to revolutionize the way fans view Nigerian films forever. Launched by a UK-based web company called Crown Cultress Ltd.

MyNollywood.com is working directly with top Nigerian film producers to create master Nollywood films on superior quality DVD.

For many years fans of Nigerian films have had to settle for the old VHS or double DVD (VCD) format which usually meant ‘bad quality , in-audible sound quality and poor picture’ when purchasing a Nigerian film.

But technology has since changed and with the introduction of the DVD (Digital Versatile/Video Disc), many film distributors have had to convert old movies into the new format to remain up to date with the technological advancements and to answer to the demand, so it was also time for the Nollywood Film industry to follow suit and capitalise on this new innovation.

MyNollywood.com is one of the first websites to sell Nigerian films in complete DVD formats which means the whole film is compressed into just one DVD, without interruption and with the added benefit of superior quality and increased viewing enjoyment for the viewer.

The website is easily accessible and showcases a variety of popular Nigerian films, it appeals to all film buffs by cleverly separating the films titles into separate categories which include romance, action, drama and comedy.

Its easy to scroll through the film titles and purchase online at a reasonable cost and you can even get feedback by reading the reviews from other customers so you know what you’re getting before you make your purchase.

With this new website and DVD releases it means Nollywood fans around the world can watch Nigerian films with the same high-quality they would get from watching a big Blockbuster movie…and it’s about time too!

For more info visit www.mynollywood.com


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