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AO Models Taking African models to the mainstream

AS promoters of African descent strive to erase the oblivious status of the continent's acts in various global entertainment circles, AO Models contributes its bites through the grooming and management of models originating from the motherland.

Based in London, the modelling agency has a line of cat walk artists/models that represent the natural beauty of blackness and the physique of true African queens.

"AO Models is your source of diverse African models that are essential in today's advertising and marketing, we develop and execute national model searches and contests in association with various media and advertising sponsors," explains executive director Anthony Ogbu.

"Our models are mostly of African descent. They posses quality, personality, poise, dependability and positive attitude .We have models that have been selected for high fashion shows such as the London fashion week, college fashion week, young designers award and lots more. We have also worked with award hair saloons in London. Our main aim is to showcase African models in big events, selling that positive part of the continent to the wider world."

Signed under 'AO Models' are African models such as June Osigwe, Dabota Lawson, Tolu Faleti, Lana Alfred, Priscillia Chantal, Rosemary Chileshe and more.


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