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Story: Nana Sifa Twum

The Metropolitan Police in London, is desperately looking for ‘a good Samaritan’ who attempted to take a woman in her 40s to the St Helier Hospital, Sutton, south-west London but left her outside the hospital to assist the police to trace the next of kin of the diseased.

The woman whose name was given to this reporter by the Metropolitan Police Press Office as Mary Kofi was found in agony outside the Hospital by a passer-by who prompted the hospital staff to pick her into the hospital but died later after she was helped into the hospital.

In a telephone interview with Sera Goddard of the Metropolitan Police London Press Office, the police confirmed that Mary died that of blocked intestines. ‘Post-mortem report from the hospital indicated that Mary died as a result of swallowing packages of a substance believed to have been cocaine’. She added.

She told the hospital authorities minutes before she became unconscious that she was a Ghanaian and was on a flight from Accra to the Heathrow airport in London on Monday the 29th of May this year.’ ‘She gave her age as either 47 or 57 as we could not hear properly but the post-mortem indicated that she was in her 40s. She also said she had a large quantity of cocaine in her stomach.’ The Police said.

’She may not have given us her real name and no documents were on her and who ever might have brought her to the hospital might have taken all her documents and there were no jewelleries either. We believed her jewelleries were taken off because her fingers indicated that.’ Sera Goddard noted.
Both Sierra Leone and Liberia are recovering from years of conflict, in which Mr Taylor played a central role.

The police therefore are finding it difficult in getting her ‘real identity to carry on investigations to arrive at who to contact for the collection of the body and other related issues. The police believed she was picked up at some point and dropped at the hospital once she became ill.

Officers have now released details of the woman's death in an attempt to identify her and inform next of kin.

The police described Mary Kofi as about 40-years-old, 5ft 10in tall and of heavy build. She also had wavy black hair that appeared to have extensions, with slight tints of red within.

Meanwhile the police have released pictures of her shoes, handkerchiefs and the dress the deceased was wearing the day she was spotted outside the St Helier Hospital in Sutton, south London.


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