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In the Corner
with Winston Mckenzie

Mr. Mayor - Where are your priorities?

DOES LONDON'S Mayor understand the suffering of those who attend his yearly Wake at City Hall on behalf of the "Don't Trigger Campaign"? Bereaved parents increase annually at an alarming rate. We have just counted the death of our 17th teenager killled by gun and knife crime in Greater London since the beginning of 2007! London has witnessed the tenacity and pace of rising gun and knife crime, amongst black teenagers. Black on black crime is common, but before you shout the obvious, the problem is widespread and inclusive of all.

We are sitting on a time bomb of teenage anger and frustration. Anger at being rejected, anger at non-inclusion and poverty, anger at un-necessary accusations made against the black community.

Government must act immediately to stem the flow of blood on our streets. For too long they have reaped the rewards of our vote, which has kept many in office. Our community has lived in the shadow of others. For too long we have been content and accepted, but never understood why, this situation has occured. The consistency in cutbacks has left many youngsters bewildered, together with the breakdown of the family unit.

Urgent deterrents to combat gun and knife crime, together with harsher sentences, must be enforced immediately;- 10 years if caught in possession of a knife or gun, 15 years for wounding with intent, 25 years for murder, and life to mean life.

The Mayor controls Police Funding together with Police Recruitment. The Government has statistically decreased the amount of Police Officers on our streets, replacing them with look-alike Police Community Officers (PCO's), putting London at risk. Our safety has been compromised by part-time PCO's who don't have the same powers or skills as trained Officers.

This is not the answer. Growing bureaucracy that now consumes their time must be cut, e.g., employ more secretarial/administration officers, freeing-up skilled Officers to do the job we pay them for, i.e., policing our streets effectively and investigating serious crimes that affect our everyday life.

Appropriate solutions for habitual criminals would be the introduction of Rehabilitation Centres, immediately freeingup valuable prison space. There are many derelict or open spaces in deepest England, Wales, Scotland and the Outer Hebrides, where profound Rehabilitation Schemes of Correction can be operated.

Prisoners would be recommended for appropriate hard labour and education, which would fit them for return to society at the conclusion of their term. These prisoners must content themselves with giving back to Society, and the family lives they have ruined. The many services that are required for institutions and industry to function smoothly is amazing. Prisoners must be put to frugal hard labour, for Society's good.

Mayor Livingstone, You have failed us on this issue, and continue to do so. Where are your priorities? You will be democratically removed, by God's grace. We must, as a community, Register to vote. God bless you all.

(McKenzie 4 Mayor of London)
www.youtube.com search "Winston McKenzie"
(Tel: 07949-32-42-01)


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