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By Nachi Aguboshim,
(Nachi, like most African Children born in the diaspora is trying to redefine himself.
He writes with passion and an open mind. Nachi is an intern at the youth desk of African Echo media group.)

DO we as humans truly understand the power of words? Do we stop to think about the effect the words we use when we engage in a conversation, be it social or confrontational have on others? Do we analyse how effective just a word used can create a image for ourselves. Or do we just fail to see that, something that we use so effortless, i.e. speech, the construction of words and our best from of communication is one of the few things on this earth that we all share?

As with most things in life when we become accustomed to something we begin to miss use it, try not to be disheartend however it is merely human nature.

Using words to express how one feels or even thinks is all part of communication, however the implications of our characteristics and also our diverse opinions merely results in us expressing words in a tone that best suits our state of mind, be that for the moment in which we engage in verbal communication, or the way in which we carry ourselves.

However society, especially the younger generation have become so used to using abrasive words and unprintable words so much so that these words are loosing the effect they originally created. However because we use these words negatively they are having an effect on our attitudes, mannerism and eventually our appearance. 

It is unfortunate people are oblivious to the pessimistic effect that harsh words have on us, or maybe they aren’t and here lies another problem.

Rappers, singers, poets, writers even politicians use words to reach out to people and express, views, opinions, experiences, ideologies and facts and by doing so they educate, create vivid imagery and most importantly they communicate but what effect are they leaving on their audience. Words could be beautiful for a positive effect or wonderful for a negative effect. Before you speak think about the effect it will have on others.

Enjoy these words to see if you will understand them. Get back to me through info@africanecho.co.uk if you want to join the debate on words.

Words Section One

He speaks with his mouth and lies formulate.

His deceit infects your mind at a truly frantic rate.

But however hard you try your fixation cannot pass.

As the power of his words hold you within its grasp.

Words Section Two

He has spent a lifetime with her and words are hard to express

For her expression is natural but his situation presents no regrets

He ventures deep into his soul to conjure up the feelings within.

And with that the words do flourish and his expression can now begin.

Words Section Three

So powerful is the formation of the words he creates.

His construction was like an orchestra performing vivid images.

His voice has much distinction and it was clear a point was his aim.

Metaphors, Alliteration and clichés words are embedded in his brain.

Speak with your mouth and see with your mind.


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