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Blue watch


By Nachi Aguboshim

 (Nachi, like most African Children born in the diaspora is trying to redefine himself.
He writes with passion and an open mind. Nachi is an intern at the youth desk of African Echo media group.)

THIS piece is broken into three parts, the past, the present and the future, all of which are measurements of time. I wanted to highlight the importance of time and its effect in our lives, from start and eventually finish.


Our past is filled with wisdom and culture though we see it as times gone by Acknowledge the work of our ancestors, don't let their spirit die

As Africans we are rulers and civilisers and in a time before time that was the case But outside forces then saw our unity, our strength and from their fear eventually came hate

We were moved from the motherland and then incorporated many of their negative traits

The problem with this is that within our community we now find it hard to relate The steps we make in our past can lead to our future The choice is now ours to what destiny we may endure.

The formation of a path and a journey for you to take A life is at your footstep and it's up to you to create So begin your process and be the catalyst for your stage You cannot write your story without your first page.


As we move on, the present is now our new point in time

They say slavery is abolished but it exists in the physical and mind

The IMF and the World Bank leech off our resources and exploit the very essence of our being

They do this because we are a threat to their existence and with that they seek out our ruin.

We need to Identify and understanding the power that we possess from within Don't become blind by technology and money, as they fill our hearts with sin.

Being civilisers, is such a long time away, as we are now divided by Geopolitics

The problem is that we are now sidetracked and we fail to see these tricks

'Sidetracked by what?' I hear you roar, what could make us lose our way?

Material possessions and our own ignorance it sickens me that these words I must say The present presents us with many challenges for us to overcome in unity

Your story is now making progress; do you know what your next step will be?


The future is something that humans out of fear try not to understand.

My sisters, my brothers are spirits are strong and our future is within our hands.


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