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by Darko Antwi
'Cannabis from class B to C'. Should there be another revision?

CERTAINLY harmful and addictive a drug, yet experts say it's not as dangerous as crystal meth, heroin and cocaine. Therefore the law loosened its grip and lowered it from class B to C on the classification table. Four years into that controversial amendment, how far has it helped? Should there be another revision as the debate stands.

Meanwhile, Supt Leroy Logan, one of Britain's influential black peace officers, claims that lowering the cannabis law has led to its "extensive and expansive use among youngsters in London." Prime Minister Brown has also recently ordered a review, possibly, in favour of class B.

As far back in May, Nick Clegg (MP for Sheffield Hallam and member of the Consolidation Bills Committee) had to decline an interview with Public Square on reasons of busy schedules. But the following people paused in the middle of their duties to join the debate:

Dickson Adelayo, 43
Mental Health Nurse
St Ann's Hospital - N15

"I am of the opinion that there should be another revision, given the effects of cannabis and other illicit drugs on people's mental well-being. I am a mental health nurse and some of the patients I work with experience drug induced psychosis.

Revision with a view of enforcing tougher measures or penalties might serve as a deterrent".

Vincent Grant, 38
West Indian Cultural Centre

" If scientist have come out of research to say that those who use cannabis frequently are 40% more likely to have mental illness, what else do we need to prove that the class C position is a danger to the creation of Schizophrenic psychopaths in or society".

Beverley, 25
Dance Teacher
T. G. Leisure Centre - N17

" There's nothing wrong with reclassification of cannabis. But they have to be careful of the different types of it out there. It would be unfair to term a mild one as illegal. They have to really, really watch the way they handle this thing. Don't get me wrong, it may not be good for everyone - but to another person, it is a herb to heal and keep healthy. Understand?"

Kwame Adubofour, 30
Parking Attendant

" The coming down of cannabis to class C was a shock, so if we can consider the increasing number of cannabis-related mental cases in our communities, it will do more good to reduce the harm and pain that individuals and families go through."

Joe Emovon, 52
Motor Salesman
North Finchley

"Cannabis into class C is a the most lenient the law can be. But then, it creates gangsters, the knife crimes, the bullying in our schools and the mad men we see on our streets. So I believe in a very strict class B."

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