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Using Time Wisely To Achieve Your Personal And Professional Goals

How often do you hear people saying that they are struggling to meet their deadlines or do everything they want to do within the available time? I guess many of you will say this is a common problem of life and one that will always be with humanity forever. I would have believed this to be the case had I not been privileged to meet people who are experts in managing their time effectively to meet their personal and professional goals consistently. These rare time management experts are masters in employing strategies for minimising time wasting activities as part of their daily routines and moreover have a strong habit of focusing their energy and attention toward maximising the use of their time doing important and urgent activities link directly to their personal and professional goals. Regardless of whether you are in business or in employment time management strategies will help you achieve the best use of you time. In this article, some of the strategies employed by time management experts will be uncovered.

Before progressing into the meaty aspect of this subject, let me start off by asking you two basic questions. What is your disposition towards “Time”? Do you see time as a resource to be valued just like money? Whatever your response to these questions, I am sure we will all agree on one thing, “Time” is non-discriminatory. Regardless of our geographical locations, creed, colour or ethnicity everyone has access to 24 hours dosage of “Time”. So, how can you ensure you use your time wisely to achieve your personal or professional goals? The simple answer to this is “Learn the secret of good time management skills”. Time management is the art of managing one’s time effectively doing things that are important and urgent. It is about prioritising our activities such that we focus on the things that are important to us based on our own judgement.

This implies that the first strategy to eliminate poor time management is to determine very clearly what is important to us in terms of our personal and /or professional goals and then to take concrete steps to be involved in activities that will directly or indirectly contribute to the accomplishment of our all important personal and professional goals. This sounds very simple in theory but the truth is that in practice this can be very difficult to implement. This is because in practice most people do not consciously set themselves personal and professional goals for life and as a result they tend to allow the rest of the world to shape the direction of their daily activities and goals.

The second strategy that can facilitate an effective use of “Time” is the use of effective planning systems to guide our daily activities. Time management experts are masters of planning their activities. They pre-plan what needs be done, by whom and when often well in advance of the events. As a result they are able to work around distractions outside their planned activities. Let me quickly add a qualification here; do understand that time management does not advocate rigidity with plans that are clearly unworkable. The important point to bear in mind is that planning can help us prevent people dumping activities on us that are outside the sphere of our important personal and professional goals so long as we are able to compliment the planning skills with assertive skills. There is an old proverb which goes like this “If you do not plan what you want to do someone else will plan what you should be doing”. On the subject of assertive skills, this is critical if you are going to be able to manage your plans leading to your personal and professional goals. So let’s just explore this concept further. Being assertive simply means understanding your rights and respecting the rights of others.

Consequently, assertive people do not allow others to violate their rights and are able to say “NO” to unreasonable requests and demands on their time. It is precisely for this reason, time management experts are able to decline requests over and beyond their personal capacity, whereas those lacking in this skills accept every requests made on their time only to find themselves stressed and frustrated. At Business Services Support Limited, we have developed an easy to read booklet on the subject of Time Management For Busy Managers.

If you would like to find out more about this booklet why don’t you contact us today by sending an email to sheila@businessservicessupport.com

 Sheila Elliott is the managing director of Business Services Support Limited.


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